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Find the right IT job – connect with our network of over 4,000 UK IT recruiters and employers to access a wide range of UK & London IT jobs, many of which aren’t advertised.

Find work quickly and easily – we help international jobseekers navigate the UK IT job market, get to the top of UK IT recruiters’ lists, and avoid potential pitfalls to quickly establish their careers.

Secure the best rates – achieve your maximum earning potential. Candidates who work with us secure the best possible rates for their skills and experience.

NOTE – We also help jobseekers looking for accountancy contracts in corporate finance departments in London. Please call us to find out more.

UK IT Careers - London IT contracting

Enjoy the financial rewards and flexibility of contracting

UK IT contracting provides handsome rewards, with pay significantly higher than IT salaries in equivalent permanent roles, plus the flexibility to take time off for travel. In this way, contracts are ideal UK IT jobs for Australians, New Zealanders & Canadians looking to make the most of their working holiday

London offers extensive IT contracting opportunities but you need to know how and where to find the best jobs. If you have 2+ years’ IT experience, we can help you. We also offer free UK IT contractor support services and advice to those new to contracting. Access top London IT recruitment agencies.


Permanent London IT Jobs That Offer More

If you’re looking for a permanent UK IT job, our London partner is seeking IT consultants in various roles, particularly software developers. These London IT jobs will help you advance your career quickly – you will get to work on a variety of projects at leading UK companies that match your skills and career ambitions.

Applicants need 2+ years’ relevant IT experience, but no previous consultancy experience is needed.


UK IT Careers - IT permanent jobs in London
Find UK IT Jobs for foreigners including Australians and new Zealanders

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  • Get connected to our extensive UK network to discover premium UK technology jobs that aren’t advertised.
  • Accelerate your job search & increase your earnings through our free UK job search & career coaching.
  • We specialise in finding UK IT jobs for international jobseekers. Receive help from experts who have a solid understanding of the UK IT job market and how to help new migrants launch successful UK careers.
  • Get a free desk & support in our central London office as long as you need it.
  • Receive free UK transition support & help claiming up to £8000 in relocation expenses.
  • UK IT Careers has been operating since 2010 and has a 98% success rate finding UK IT jobs for Australians and New Zealanders.


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“I signed up through UK IT Careers after having just arrived in the UK. Within a week of signing up I was put through a training plan that successfully led to me finding my first role in the UK at a much higher rate than I was expecting. Throughout the whole process I was kept informed as to what I should be doing and was constantly provided feedback to get me a role as fast as possible. Highly recommend UK IT Careers whether you are just starting off contracting or have been contracting for a while.” Bradley Osborne


“Chris promptly made contact with me very quickly after I submitted an online enquiry around IT contracting. The discussion we had was very informative and he had a good understanding of IT roles and skills as opposed to some generic recruiters. He quickly set me up to further my move into contracting within the UK and the process was very easy and smooth.” Logan Glen

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