About UK IT Careers

UK IT Careers began in 2010 when our founder, Chris Prentice, arrived back in New Zealand after 15 years of working in various IT roles at some of the most prominent banking institutions in London.

Where it all began

Chris arrived in the UK in 1993 determined to make the most of his OE. Like many young Kiwis, he tried his hand at many different temp jobs but was unhappy with the work and the money he was making.

In 1995 Chris had a lucky break after a chance encounter on the tube. Over a few beers (before the days drinking on the tube was banned!), he heard about some opportunities in IT contracting. He started out in an IT support role, and things took off from there.

Four years later, he managed to secure IT sponsorship at Citigroup, and eventually obtained Indefinite Leave To Remain.

An opportunity to help others

Chris decided to set up UK IT Careers after seeing many other international IT professionals struggle to find decent well paid jobs. He realised there was an opportunity to help the thousands of Kiwis and Australians who go over to the UK wanting to make the most of their OE.

Having been through the journey himself, Chris understands the potential pitfalls that international jobseekers may face when they are not familiar with the local job market. He also has a wealth of experience and insights on how to find better jobs quickly.

Where we are today

UK IT Careers is now a team of experienced consultants based in Auckland and London who will equip you with the tools and knowledge to be successful in your job search. With our friendly people-centric approach we provide honest down-to-earth advice to help you find the job you deserve.

To date we have a 98% success rate in finding IT jobs for Australians and New Zealanders.

We also help other international jobseekers providing they speak fluent English and have at least 2 years’ IT experience in a western environment. If you have the right sill, we may be able to provide sponsorship.

Contact Us to see how we could help make your UK IT career a success.